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Slide navigation with Sencha Touch


Slide navigation in mobile apps is a huge hit now-a-days. Starting from major players like Facebook, Google+ and Youtube, I see most of the dashboard or navigation style apps are using it. And not only it is a new concept, you should find it pretty useful if you have already used it.

I was looking for a similar ready-made component with Sencha Touch and found a number of them (check other example links at the bottom of this post). While all these examples serve the same functionality, I found these are bit complex for a newbie to understand and implement freely in their apps. So, I came up with a dead simple Slide Navigation Menu mostly with CSS3 and a very small chunk of Javascript code. The same navigation can work as leftright and top menu.

  • Viswanathan C


    i tried this example and it’s working perfectly on chrome, but after i converting my sencha app into android application slide navigation is not working.

    But your demo project is working in android,

    I am using

    sencha 2.3

    Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203

    i tested on nexs 7 (Android 4.3)

    any help ?